The Challenge of DevOps


The convenience and flexibility of cloud computing is compelling, but it can be time-consuming and costly to manage the myriad of services and capabilities of the cloud. Doing so reliably, consistently and securely is challenging for DevOps staff.

Cloud providers offer building block capabilities that can be powerfully combined to meet almost any need, but these often require manual operation or custom coding to automate.

DevOps can reap large savings by using a cloud automation and optimization solution that can automate tasks for consistent, repeatable and secure operation.

Save Time, Reduce Errors, Lower Cost

There are ways to reduce your cloud cost, but these often involve extra complexity, custom code, manual steps or operational restrictions. PowerDown is your DevOps tool to automate cloud tasks.

There are two primary drivers of cloud cost and waste:

  1. Not using the best compute instance.
  2. Running idle resources when they are not required.

Spot Instances

Compute Spot market servers are typically up to 80% cheaper than regular On-Demand servers, but they come with limitations such as termination with little warning and restrictions on how they are used in Auto Scale Groups. So while Spot instances have great promise, they are not as widely used for general computing as they could otherwise be.

Idle Resources

Cloud providers charge for resources on a per-second basis. However, many resources are not required 24x7 and are only required for a small percentage of time. While it is possible to manually turn off idle resources, doing so consistently for a team has too much overhead. Consequently, many cloud resources are left powered up when they are actually not needed.

How Does PowerDown Save?

PowerDown lowers the cost of cloud computing by up to 80% by addressing these two drivers of cloud costs. PowerDown transparently migrates workloads onto cost effective Spot servers and by automatically powering down idle resources when they are not required.


What is Unique about PowerDown?

Transparent Spot Manager

PowerDown augments the existing cloud Auto Scale capabilities with the ability to transparently balance On-Demand and Spot instances in a single Auto Scale group. Users can specify the number or percentage of Spot servers, and the number or percentage of On-Demand instances. PowerDown manages the desired number of Spot and On-Demand servers and will launch and attach servers to the group to maintain the desired balance. Using Spot instances can save up to 80% off the compute cost of production On-Demand servers without compromising availability.

Dynamic Schedules


Modern DevOps teams are often geographically dispersed and work overlapping or irregular work hours. Some work from home, some in other cities and some in different timezones. PowerDown makes it easy for easy for users to simply state their resource requirements. PowerDown creates dynamic schedules that continuously combine all user resource requirements into a unified dynamic schedule that is used to power up and down resources as required.

Cloud Visualizer

Typical cloud environments contain many servers, databases, containers, networks, security groups etc. PowerDown provides an intuitive cloud visualizer to display could resources and the relationships between the resources so that users can easily see where and how resources are used and needed. From the visualizer, PowerDown enables teams to easily manage entire cloud environments.


PowerDown Cloud Optimizer

The PowerDown cloud optimizer enables you to easily and effectively use Spot instances for production workloads and to power down idle resources when not required. Combined, these two efforts can lower your cloud costs by up to 80%.

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