SenseDeep launches a faster AWS CloudWatch Logs viewer


SenseDeep, a provider of cloud management tools for DevOps announced today that it has released the SenseDeep viewer that accelerates access to critical developer application logs by up to 10 times.

SenseDeep is a simple, fast log viewer for AWS developers that provides instant access to application and service log data.

"Existing logging solutions are complex and slow. They copy and replicate logging data from AWS CloudWatch and other sources into their own servers. This imposes unnecessary delays and overhead. Most solutions delay access to log events by several minutes." said Michael O'Brien, CEO SenseDeep.

"For developers who need immediate access to their application logs, this slows development. For companies using Serverless technologies, application logs are a critical insight into how their applications and services are performing. Any delays in accessing logs are not only frustrating to developers, they greatly impede delivery of critical features to users."

SenseDeep adopts a unique design where your log and serverless data never leaves your account. SenseDeep ingests log data and stores it in a DynamoDB database in your account. SenseDeep is the only open architecture solution where your serverless and log data never leaves your account and you have full control over your logged data.

SenseDeep has live-tail, infinite scrolling, powerful query operations and parses structured log data. It is up to 10 times faster than competing enterprise logging solutions.


Rhizome, developers of the advanced Zome AR messenger said: "With SenseDeep, we can get immediate access to application logs and errors. We can easily scan recent app events without any delays." "We tried other approaches, but clicking next page over and over was driving us mad. That and the wait of minutes to access app errors was slowing us down. With SenseDeep we can see log data in real-time."

"We developed SenseDeep to accelerate our own development of cloud services." said SenseDeep CEO Michael O’Brien. "We were needing to monitor the frequent deploys of our application, but our existing enterprise logging solution made us wait minutes each time. We needed immediate access to our app logs so we could spot issues without delays."

SenseDeep is a cloud-based service that supports the AWS cloud platform. A variety of plans are available. The Pro plan is $25 per month. SenseDeep is available from

About SenseDeep

SenseDeep is a serverless developer studio that provides AWS developers with critical tools to efficiently create, debug, deliver and maintain serverless applications.

SenseDeep assists developers pin-point serverless errors via invocation traces, metrics, logs, alarms, alerts and notifications. It watches over your services 24x7.

SenseDeep is the only open architecture solution where your serverless and log data never leaves your account and you have full control over your logged data.

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