PowerDown transparently manages Spot instances


SenseDeep today announced enhancements to the PowerDown cloud optimizer to transparently migrate production workloads from expensive On-Demand servers onto cost effective Spot servers without compromising availability. The new features overcome some of the limitations of Spot servers and provide significant cost savings of up to 80% for production workloads.

"Spot market servers are up to 80% cheaper than regular On-Demand servers, but they come with limitations such as termination with little warning and restrictions on how they are used in Spot Fleets and Auto Scale Groups." said Michael O'Brien, CEO SenseDeep. "So while Spot instances have great promise, they are not as widely used for production sites as they could otherwise be."

PowerDown addresses these limitations and makes it dramatically easier to use Spot servers. PowerDown transparently migrates workloads from On-Demand servers onto Spot servers without compromising availability.

Embedthis Software: "With PowerDown, we are saving 75-80% of our cloud costs each month. We tried other products and custom scripts but did not see the savings we are now seeing with PowerDown. We run all our workloads on Spot instances, including production sites with just a few On-Demand servers for reserve capacity."

The new features extend the existing scheduling capabilities of PowerDown that allow users to automatically turn off idle cloud resources. This means that PowerDown now lowers cloud costs for production workloads as well as development, test and staging environments.

"Existing cloud optimizers are complex and replicate services offered by the big cloud providers." said Michael O'Brien, CEO SenseDeep. "With PowerDown, we focused on extending the existing capability of AWS and making it simpler for users. Currently, while many companies are concerned about cloud costs, the complexity of managing costs has prevented many from realizing big savings. PowerDown addresses that need."

PowerDown is a cloud-based optimizer service that supports the AWS cloud platform. It is priced at 15% of the cloud savings achieved by using PowerDown. If users do not save, they do not pay anything. PowerDown is available from https://www.sensedeep.com/powerdown/ and a free 30 day evaluation is offered.

About SenseDeep

SenseDeep provides the PowerDown cloud optimizer service that lowers cloud costs by up to 80%. It transparently migrates workloads from expensive On-Demand servers onto cost effective Spot servers and powers down idle cloud resources when not required. Companies large and small are using PowerDown to save costs on their production, test and development environments. Please visit https://www.sensedeep.com/powerdown.

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