Jan 30 Release Notes

This release adds a new Help Center widget and some initial cloud audit capabilities. There are plenty of fixes and this alpha release is includes all core functionality.


  • Help Center widget with full-text search.
  • Initial cloud-side audit functionality and rules.

Help Center

The Help Center provides extensive in-app support from one location.


The Help Center offers:

  • Applications knowledge base
  • Full text search
  • Contact support form
  • Feedback form
  • Service status
  • Context sensitive page help

Currently the documentation is pretty bare, but the infrastructure is in place and fully connected to the support ticketing backend.

Cloud Audit

So far, SenseDeep has delivered intrusion detection via the SenseDeep agent. This release adds an initial cloud audit capability. This is the start of a broader cloud security service that audits your entire cloud configuration. The audit rules are minimal at this stage, but the audit engine and user interface are in place. We will expand the rule set aggressively over the first part of this year.


  • Display of evaluation reminders.
  • Sensed agent updating.

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