SenseDeep 1.0 Release


We're excited to announce the SenseDeep viewer — a better, faster, easier CloudWatch Logs viewer.

SenseDeep is a simple, fast log viewer for AWS developers. It is 100% browser-based and transparently downloads and caches logs for allow extremely quick scans and queries. SenseDeep enables developers to effortlessly scan log files and use structured queries to quickly pinpoint errors.

SenseDeep Benefits

  • Pinpoint app errors quickly.
  • Provides immediate insight.
  • Eliminates log viewing delays.
  • Accelerates developer delivery.
  • Lowers developer frustration.

SenseDeep Features

  • Fast log scanning — SenseDeep navigates through your logs 10x faster than the AWS console.
  • SenseDeep queries data 10x faster than CloudWatch Insights.
  • Real live tail.
  • Transparent downloading of logs.
  • Automatic aggregation of log streams.
  • Live updating of events in the background.
  • Cache log data in your browser, limited by size or date range.
  • Smart log parsing — extracts fields from JSON, CSV and other common log formats.
  • Support for deeply nested JSON events.
  • Infinite smooth scrolling.
  • Search and filter events with full text and powerful structured queries.
  • Flexible Javascript-like query expression language.
  • View and query events by date range with fast goto event by date and time.
  • Integrates with AWS Lambda.
  • Save and bookmark favorite log views.

I hope you'll try and enjoy SenseDeep as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

Try It

There is nothing to install. Just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep, go to:


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