SenseDeep 1.2 Release


SenseDeep 1.2 is our "support" release.

We've added integrated support chat and improved documentation.

This release also includes parsing log files with arbitrary delimiters and improved viewer scrolling.

New Features

Here are the important features in this release.

  • Integrated support chat
  • Delimited last field wild card for gathering remaining input into last field
  • Clear cached events when log format is modified
  • Discover fields at download/cache time rather than at viewer time (faster)
  • Improve viewer smoothness when doing background updates
  • Log List resync to immediately rescan for new log groups


  • Inconsistent viewer range slider (was jumping to wrong locations)
  • Jumping to GMT dates instead of local dates in viewer
  • Resizing the last newly added column and resizing columns when clicking away from the header
  • Range slider date and time dialog

Try It

To run SenseDeep, just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep, go to:

For full release details, go to


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