SenseDeep 1.4 Release


We're excited to announce SenseDeep 1.4. This release brings some new viewer features and a some minor fixes.

Drag and Drop

This release adds drag and drop to reorder the views they way you like them.

SenseDeep home page view cards can now be repositioned by dragging a view to its desired position.

You can also reorder Viewer columns to put the most important event fields first. You can drag columns to reposition or drag away to delete.


New Features

Here are the important features in this release.

  • Drag / drop of column heading
  • Drag / drop of home page view cards
  • Improved viewer with inline expanded formatting
  • Smart AWS Lambda formatting
  • Samples button to recreate samples
  • Highlight flash when new data is added to live tail


  • Save LogEdit changes when creating a new view

Try It

To run SenseDeep, just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep, go to:

For full release details, go to


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