Q2 2019 Roadmap


These are our current roadmaps for SenseDeep for Q2 2019 for SenseLogs and PowerDown.


For the current product feature set, see: SenseLogs Benefits & Features.

These are the planned features:

  • Extended Log Parsing

Extended Log Parsing

SenseLogs currently parses JSON and plain text logs. We plan to add the ability to parse more log formats including:

  • Syslog
  • Key/Value pairs
  • Anchored patterns
  • Regular Expression patterns
  • AWS Lambda

The extended log parsing will extract the log event fields and map these to the viewer columns for display. The query engine will then be able to examine fields when filtering log events.


For the current product feature set, see: PowerDown Benefits & Features.

These are the planned features:

  • AWS Spotting

AWS Spotting

PowerDown currently uses its own spot replacement engine. Since this was released, AWS have enhanced the flexibility of their Spot management engine and it is now a "drop-in" replacement for the PowerDown spot engine. We plan to switch to use the AWS spot engine.

Please tell us Tell Us if these are important to you or what you would like to see added to this list.

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