Q3 2018 Roadmap


This is our current roadmap for PowerDown for Q3 2018.

This has one compelling feature to lower compute costs for production workloads — Transparent Spot Management.

See the current PowerDown feature set in the PowerDown Features post.

Planned Features for Q3 2018

  • Transparent Spot Replacement

Transparent Spot Replacement

Spot replacement will extend the AWS Spot facility by directly managing the lifecycle of Spot instances. Users will define a desired number or percentage of Spot and On-Demand instances for their Auto Scale groups and PowerDown then monitors the group and ensures the group composition matches the desired state.

PowerDown will create Spot instances and migrate workloads from On-Demand instances without downtime or impacting availability. If AWS warns that it will soon reclaim your Spot servers, PowerDown will proactively launch replacement On-Demand servers before the Spot servers are terminated.

Please tell us Tell Us if these are important to you or what you would like to see added to this list.

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