Security Status

Dispatching Alerts

As SenseDeep detects attacks and threats, it may increase your security status as shown on the SenseDeep dashboard. If the security status changes, you will be notified. In any event, new alerts will be logged in the Alert List.

Alert List

The Alert list is your inbox of security events. You should examine and dispatch each incoming alert. You may choose to just ignore some alerts. For others, you will need to address the underlying security issue. As you dispatch each alert, the security status for your account will be recomputed until all attacks and threats have been resolved.

Alert Details

When you click on an alert in the Alert List, you can examine it in detail. The alert details screen shows the full context of the threat that triggered the alert.

Alert Details

The Alert Details display the full information about the security alert with actions to resolve the alert issue. The fields displayed will vary depending on the threat. Here are some of the common fields displayed:

Alert Actions

To dispatch and resolve the alert, you can click on the Dispatch button to fully control how you dispatch the alert. Alternatively you can click on one of the Quick Actions to ignore the alert and remove it from the alert list. Quick actions are useful to quickly and simply ignore a single alert.

Alert Dispatch

Invoking the Dispatch option will then ask you how to resolve the alert. Your options are:

If you choose to to suppress future alerts an automated response will be created and you can customize the response and configure automated defenses. Read more in Automated Responses.

When you finish dispatching the alert, the alert will be moved from the Alert List and into the Alert History. Your account security status will be recomputed.

Maintenance Mode

If a service or host is put into Maintenance mode via Modify Service, then alerts will be supressed from the service and the alerts will not impact the account security status while the service is in maintenance mode.

Automated Responses

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