When an alert is triggered, someone typically needs to be notified. SenseDeep provides flexible notification channels to inform you of important alert and account changes.


SenseDeep channels are created from the Channel List. When your account is created, a default primary channel is created to send notifications to your primary user's email address.

You can create additional channels and each channel can uniquely specify the events of interest, message format, transport and destination.

Create / Edit Channel

Create Channel

Channel Name

Each channel has a name for API identification.

Channel Activation

The Channel Activation checkbox lets you temporarily deactivate a channel without deleting it. When deactivated, the channel will not send any notifications.

Channel Types

SenseDeep support the following channel transports:

When you select the desired channel type, destination fields will be displayed to enter the relevant channel destination. This will vary by channel type. For example: email address, phone number, URL, Lambda function.

Channel Formats

HTML, text and JSON message formats are supported.

Subscription Events

For each channel you can select the desired events to subscribe to. These include:

Service Events

Account Events

Cloud Services

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