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SenseDeep supports DynamoDB with extended metrics and analysis including rich support for single-table designs.

DynamoDB Single-table designs are more complex and require per entity/model performance monitoring and metrics. Traditional monitoring covers table level and operation level metrics only. What is missing is the ability to see single-table entities and their performance and load on the database.

SenseDeep addresses that with detailed single-table metrics.

Single Table Metrics

Drill-Down Monitoring

SenseDeep provides three facets of DynamodDB monitoring:

Standard Metrics

The DynamoDB standard metrics page displays overview metrics and operation details for a whole DynamoDB table..

These metrics come from the standard AWS CloudWatch DynamoDB metrics.

DynamoDB Standard Metrics

Single Table Metrics

The DynamoDB Single Table page displays detailed metrics and analysis useful for DynamoDB single table designs. It also enables drill down to examine metrics by source, index, model or operation.

Single table metrics will be available for tables that emit Single Table metrics using either the OneTable or the DynamoDB Metrics NPM modules.

DynamoDB Standard Metrics

Provisioning and Capacity Planning

The DynamoDB Provisioning page displays your current and projected provisioning, utilization and costs.

Provisioning Table


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