Cloud Services

Securing Servers Overview

SenseDeep offers security management for EC2 servers and by perfoming cloud-side scanning and configuration management for EC2 servers. This cloud-side scanning looks for site wide configuration errors that are vulnerabilities for your site.

You can also install the SenseDeep agent on your EC2 and on premises servers to watche for threats that are only observable from inside the server.

SenseDeep Agent

To secure compute resources, it is best to monitor servers and containers from the inside out. Some indicators of being hacked and Advanced Persistent Threats are only detectable from inside the server. SenseDeep provides a lightweight server agent that you should install on all your servers. This will closely monitor your servers for any signs of compromise.

EC2 Cloud Audit

The cloud-side auditing checks for correct configuration of your EC2 servers and looks for vulnerabilities such as failing to configure an IAM role for an EC2 instance.

SenseDeep Agent

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