SenseDeep on AWS MarketPlace

You can subscribe for SenseDeep via credit card or via an AWS MarketPlace subscription. This document describes the AWS MarketPlace subscription option.

To subscribe via cred card, select your SenseDeep Plan and enter your card details.


To subscribe using AWS MarketPlace, follow this procedure.

AWS MarketPlace


Go to AWS MarketPlace, by clicking

Customize Your Subscription

You can customize your SenseDeep subscription to be a month by month subscription or a longer 1, 2 or 3 year term. The longer terms provide greater savings.

The SenseDeep AWS MarketPlace subscription provides a subscription plan with the following features and limits:

  • Buttery-smooth log viewer
  • Blazing fast log download
  • Real live tail
  • Rapid search
  • Smart log parsing with custom log formats
  • Compound queries and log filtering
  • Customize, save and share log views
  • Correlate multiple logs
  • Organizations (1)
  • Multiple users (4)

You can also choose to Auto-Renew to save the overhead of resubscribing when the term expires. Note: you can easily cancel at anytime via the AWS MarketPlace.

Contract Options

You need to select under Contract Options "1" unit of the service. This enables your account. Select "1" from the pull down.


Once you have customized your subscription, click subscribe and the following confirmation dialog will be displayed.

Clicking "Setup Your Account" will launch a new browser tab for the SenseDeep app.

Account Setup

Register or login to your account and you will be fully subscribed to SenseDeep via AWS Marketplace.


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