Overriding Schedules

PowerDown Clouds

PowerDown Teams are groups of users who have a common need for cloud resources. These typically map cleanly onto your Dev, Test, QA, Ops or SecOps organizations.

PowerDown teams have one or more connected cloud accounts that are used to discover the team's cloud resources: including servers, databases and containers.

Multiple Clouds

A user may be a member of multiple clouds. When the user logs into the PowerDown App, they will see the combined resources for their clouds.

Administrator View

If a user is an administrator, they will have the option of viewing the resources for all clouds by selecting the "All Clouds" drop-down in the navigation bar.

Administrator View

Disabling a Cloud

For maintenance, the scheduling of a clouds's resources can be temporarily disabled. This is helpful if you need to manually configure your resources and you want to prevent PowerDown from implementing your PowerDown schedules. You can also do this for your entire account from the Account Settings page.


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