When your PowerDown account was created, a login user was also created for your personal use.

You can create additional users as required to control access to your PowerDown account. Each user has a unique login identity and a role that limits authorized access. Users can be authorized to access all or a subset of the clouds you have configured. Each user can also create their own personal resource schedules and access tokens for API use.

To edit or add users, go to the Account Users page.

Create Users

When you create a user, you specify the user's first and last name and a contact email address. The contact email address will be the user's login user name. The user will be prompted to create a password when they first log in. The email address is not used for PowerDown security status notifications or account billing.

Create User

If you have multiple clouds, you can drag-and-drop the clouds you wish to grant access for the user.


Currently three user roles are supported:

All users can create personal schedules and view the resource state. The user role does not permit access to billing, creating new users or other account wide activities. The lead role can access cloud authorization related tasks while the admin role has full account access.

Password Reset

Administrators can request a password reset for any account user from the Modify User page. This will cause a password reset email to be sent to the user.


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