API Overview

PowerDown API v1

This document specifies the PowerDown API v1. Please read the API Overview for general requirements and construction of API requests.

API Groups

The PowerDown API currently supports the following API groups. More groups will be added in the future.

Resource Object

The resource object contains the following properties:

Any other properties returned are subject to change.

The state property may have the values:

unknown, pending, on, partial, off, terminated

The type property may have the values:

autoscale, db, group, external, server, service, task

Resource Routes

The following routes are provided for the "resource" group:

## Get a Resource


GET /resource/:id

Where :id is the resource numeric ID. This API requires knowledge of the resource's ID. Alternatively you can use the /resource/find and supply a resource name to query the resource.


If successful, the response returns an array with one element in the "data" property with one element set to the resource result. If the resource is not found, the "error" property is set to true and the "message" property contains the reason and "data" will be null.

    error: false,
    data: [{
        /* Resource Object */


The resource must be visible by one of the authenticated user's teams.


curl -X GET -H "Authorization:TOKEN" https://api.powerdown.io/v1/resource/10942

## Find Matching Resources

Find the resources that match the given request key parameters.


POST /resource/find

The request may specify the following keys to select matching resources:

If "search" is specified it will override any specified "name" or "id" key.

For example:

    "keys": {
        "type": "group",
        "search": "nginx"


An array of Resource objects.

    error: false,
    data: [
        /* Resource objects */


The resource must be visible by one of the authenticated user's teams.


curl -X POST \
    -H "Authorization:TOKEN" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d type=group \

## Get Resources via GET Method

This request is similar to the POST /resource/find except it uses a GET method and the keys are expressed as URL query parameters.


GET /resource?key=value&...


Same as for POST /resource/find.


curl -H "Authorization:TOKEN" \

curl -X GET -H "Authorization:TOKEN" \

## Invoke an Action on a Resource

This API will power up or down a resource for a specified duration or until a designated time.


POST /resource/:id/:action

Where :id is the Resource ID and :action is either "up" or "down".

The request must specify either a duration or end time in the POST body. { "params": { "duration": SECONDS, } }

The "duration" time specifies how long the requested action will prevail. The duration should be specified in seconds.

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