Using Help

PowerDown has a detailed Help Center to provide you with the information and understanding you need to get the most out of PowerDown. The Help Center has the following modules:

The HelpCenter has a navigation bar at the top of the help panel.


The left arrow icon is used to go back to the previous help page. The browser back button operates independently and will navigate the application backwards to the previous application page. The reorder icon will reveal or hide the Help Center search and icon group.


Click on the Docs, Blog or Support icons as required.

To exit the Help Center, either click on the X icon at the top right, or click anywhere outside the Help Center.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base provides a thematic overview and in-depth documentation of PowerDown. There are chapters on:

Click on the chapter to display the individual articles. Please notify us via Chat if there is anything missing or wrong in the documentation.

Context Help

PowerDown provides context sensitive help for each page of the application. Clicking on the Help menu at the top right of the screen will display the Help Center with help text for that specific screen.

The entire PowerDown Knowledge Base and screen context help contents are searchable by keyword. Use the search form input at the top of the Help Center to select your desired topic.

Support Chat

You are very welcome to contact support and we will do our best to help you quickly. Before contacting us, please check the Knowledge Base and search the help in case you find that your question has already been asked by other users and an answer is waiting for you in the Doc.

If you do need to contact support, please provide detailed information with your question. The more detail you provide, the better, and quicker we can help you.

We love to get feedback, both positive and negative. Please feel free to chat with support to tell us what you think and what you'd like to see us improve in the product.

Context Help

Service Status

The PowerDown availability status is provided on the home page of the Help Center. The service status is updated immediately in the event of any outages. And details of the outage will be posted on the PowerDown Blog.


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