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AWS Cloud Provider

The following notes apply to the PowerDown support for the Amazon Web Services platform.

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS imposes a maximum continuous power down time limit of 7 days for RDS databases, after that AWS will restart the database. To keep an RDS database powered down, create a PowerDown schedule which will stop the database should AWS restart it.

Starting an RDS database can take several minutes before it is fully available. Servers and containers that depend on an RDS database will need to be able to handle this unavailability while the database warms up.

Amazon Aurora Database

Amazon Aurora is not supported at this time. AWS does not make it possible to restart or stop Aurora databases at this time.

Amazon ECS Fargate

PowerDown supports managing ECS Fargate services for scheduling.

Amazon ECS Classic

ECS over EC2 server instances should be managed by attaching schedules to the EC2 server instances or Auto Scale groups.

Amazon Lambda Hooks

PowerDown supports resource lifecycle event notification over AWS Lambda functions.

Azure Cloud Provider

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