Connecting Clouds

To use PowerDown you must first grant access to the cloud accounts that you wish to manage. This is done by connecting to those cloud accounts. PowerDown needs limited access to your cloud provider accounts so that it can inventory your cloud resources, receive cloud events, manage Spot instances and power up and down resources as required.

You can connect to multiple clouds from different cloud providers or cloud accounts. PowerDown will discover cloud resources from all regions in all cloud accounts. It will aggregate the resources into a single pool that can be conveniently managed from one point.

Currently, only AWS is supported as a cloud provider. Soon support for Azure and GCP will be added.

Connect Cloud

Connecting to AWS

For Amazon AWS, PowerDown uses a CloudFormation Template to configure access to your account. When you click Save from the Connect Cloud page, you will be redirected to AWS in another browser tab to grant access. You may need to first log into the relevant AWS account if you are not already logged in. When the AWS Cloud Formation Template completes, return to the PowerDown tab to begin using the service.

Once your AWS cloud account is connected, PowerDown will immediately begin discovering your cloud resources in all cloud regions.

Filtering Regions

By default, PowerDown will scan all regions for cloud resources. Over time, PowerDown learns which regions are being actively used and those regions will be monitored more closely. Active regions are monitored in real-time. Inactive regions are scanned once every hour. You can force a rescan of your cloud by opening the edit page and saving the relevant cloud configuration.

You can explicitly list all the regions that you will be using on the Connect Cloud page.

Filtering by Tags

You can use cloud tag patterns to filter the resources.

Resources will be included if the specified tags match the resource. You can specify tags that either must be present or must not be absent on the resources. See Connect Cloud Help for more details.

Disconnecting from a Cloud

When you disconnect a cloud, all the resources discovered via that cloud will be removed from PowerDown. If any of those resources had schedules and were managed, they will cease to be managed by PowerDown.

Cloud Users

PowerDown enables you to control which users that can access resources on different clouds. When you define a user, you can specify the clouds for which the user is authorized to access.

Server Resources

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