Creating Schedules

Any PowerDown user can create one or more personal schedules from the Create Schedule form. A user will be able to create schedules for any resource belonging to a team of which they are a member.

Create Schedule

The schedule specifies when you wish a resource to be powered up. A blue cell indicates the resource should be powered up. You can click on cells, rows or columns to invert cells. You can also select quick links to pre-populate the grid with common schedule patterns such as: "All On", "All Off", "M-F 5-9" or "M-F 7-7".

If other users' schedules require that a resource be powered up, the corresponding cells will be colored light gray. But a user should still color blue all the required squares regardless of other users requirements.

Note: You can create multiple personal schedules for the same resource. For example: you may wish to have a work-week schedule and a traveling schedule.

Time Zones

All hours are input by the user owning the schedule in their local time zone. PowerDown automatically converts all schedules to your local time zone for display.

Schedule Start and End

A schedule may have an optional start and/or end date. If these are omitted, the weekly schedule will always apply. If you enter a start and/or end date, the schedule will be active only within that defined window. If the start date does not align with the start of the week, the corresponding portion of the weekly schedule will be skipped. Similarly if the end date is before the end of the week, that portion of the weekly schedule will not apply. Weeks start on Sunday.

Deleting Schedules

When all schedules for a resource are deleted, the resource is "unmanaged" by PowerDown. Thereafter it will be left in whatever powered up or down state it was when the last schedule was removed.

If a resource is deleted in your cloud, then all associated PowerDown schedules are removed. If a PowerDown Resource Group is manually deleted inside PowerDown, then attached schedules will also be removed. If a "physical" resource has an attached schedule and it is terminated by whatever means, then the attached schedules will also be removed. Consequently to preserve schedules, it is best to attach them to a PowerDown group.

If a cloud is disconnected from the Cloud List, then all associated resources (including groups) and schedules will be removed.

Schedule Overrides

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