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Getting Started with Schedules

A PowerDown schedule is a set of instructions to automatically power up or down a resource according to a specified pattern.

Common schedule use cases include:

Create Schedule

Personal Schedules

A PowerDown schedule is a repeating weekly calendar that specifies when a resource is required by a user. Each user creates their own personal schedules for the resources they require. PowerDown automatically aggregates the overlapping needs and schedules of all users and teams to create a single combined schedule for the resource. PowerDown ensures resources are powered on whenever anyone needs them. When no one needs the resource anymore, it will be powered down until the next scheduled need. When powered down, you are no longer paying your cloud provider for the resource.

Working Globally

In many organizations, the DevOps team is geographically dispersed and inter-team communication is sporadic. Team members work with different schedules sometimes in different time zones around the globe. PowerDown provides an easy scheduling solution where each team member describes their own resource schedule needs and PowerDown then combines all user schedules and automatically determines the resource schedule that will satisfy all users and minimize the cloud spend. That combined schedule is then available back to each user in their own time zone view.

Creating Schedules

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