PowerDown Setup


To use PowerDown, you must first register for an account. This is a simple, one-time task that will take you just a few minutes.

To register for a PowerDown account, go to the PowerDown app and create your account at: https://app.powerdown.io/register.


Registration will create your PowerDown account and a user login for the email and password you supply. Later, you can create additional logins for other users on your account if required. Once registered, you will be logged in to the PowerDown App and your evaluation trial will begin.

Evaluation Trial

Your evaluation trial lasts 30 days. During this time you can use the service for free. If you decide early to convert to a paid subscription, you will still receive the full free evaluation trial benefits. Note that with PowerDown you only pay a percentage of what you save. If you save nothing, you don't pay.

Accessing Your Clouds

To use PowerDown you must first grant access to the cloud accounts that you wish to manage. PowerDown needs limited access to your accounts so that it can inventory your cloud resources and power up and down those resources as required. You can connect to multiple clouds from different cloud providers or cloud accounts. Granting access consists of a simple, one-step process.

When you first login, you will be redirected to the Clouds → Add page to configure your cloud access.

Connect Cloud

Note: Currently only AWS is supported. Azure and GCP support will be included soon.

Filtering Cloud Resources

You can filter resources by cloud region or resource tags.

From the App, you can read more at Filtering Resources.

Connecting to the Cloud

When you click Save from the connect cloud form, you will be redirected to your cloud provider to approve access. You may need to first log into the cloud account that you wish to manage. For Amazon AWS, PowerDown uses a CloudFormation Template to configure access to your account. When the cloud provider configuration begins, return to the PowerDown browser tab to monitor progress and begin using the service.

Discovering Resources

Once your cloud account is connected, PowerDown will immediately begin discovering all your cloud resources. Thereafter, PowerDown will rescan your cloud resources every two minutes. If you re-save the cloud configuration, an immediate rescan of your cloud account will be performed.

Canceling PowerDown

You can close your account at anytime from the Account Billing page. During closure, the AWS CloudFormation template will be removed with all associated resources.

To manually remove the AWS access role added to your cloud account, login to your AWS account and navigate to the CloudFormation page and select the PowerDown-NNNN stack name and then select the Delete Stack Action.

Release Notes

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