Simple Pricing

We believe that PowerDown should be affordable and easy to use. This means simple pricing, low rates and no risk.


No Risk

No Savings, No Charge

The PowerDown price is 15% of what you save on your cloud bill by using PowerDown.

You keep 85% of the savings and if you don't save, you don't pay anything.


  • PowerDown saves by migrating workloads from On-Demand instances to more cost effective Spot instances, and by powering down idle resources that are not currently required.
  • We only charge for Spot instances created by PowerDown and for resources turned off by PowerDown. If you create your own Spot instances or turn resources off manually, there is no fee.
  • If a resource is consistently powered down, it incurs no charge after 14 days.
  • Free 30 day evaluation with no credit card required.

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