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Tools are just a part of what you need for effective DevOps. Good code samples, checklists and security tips can help you on your journey. PowerDown will be sharing case studies, checklists, code samples and tips here for you to leverage.


Checklists are not meant to be prescriptive — developer requirements vary too much for that. Rather, they provide a list of items for you to consider when securing your site. If you think we've missed an important item, please tell us what you think.

Web Developer Security Checklist

Web Developer Security Checklist

The Web Developer Checklist has a challenging set of items for you to consider when designing your application.

You don't need to do all these items. But do give them more than a passing glance.

Case Studies

Here is a case study showing how to securely implement a web service. This uses PowerDown as the object of study:

Accelerating the cloud

PowerDown lowers cloud costs

We'll publish articles to move you faster at the Accelerating the cloud blog.

Enjoy articles like:

GitHub Samples


PowerDown uses and benefits from open source software. It is only appropriate that we share back where we can.

To start the ball rolling, here are a few trivial but useful routines to explore while we prepare the samples.


Javascript function to blend together two objects. https://github.com/sensedeep/js-blend.


Simple Javascript object clone function. https://github.com/sensedeep/js-clone.

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