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Instant log data in seconds, not minutes

The only 100% browser-based AWS log viewer

Fast views, live tail and blazing fast queries

Find Errors Faster

100% browser-based log viewer — Blazing fast views and queries.

Elegant Viewer

A joy to use, with infinite, buttery smooth scrolling. Jump instantly or scroll to any time.

SenseLogs Viewer

100% Browser Based

SenseLogs runs totally in your browser.

Logs are transparently downloaded in the background without delay. You never need to click reload or retry to see new log events.

SenseLogs List

Powerful Structured Queries

Search for important app events via full text queries, regular expressions or key/value searches using a familiar Javascript expression language.


Smart Log Parsing

SenseLogs will extract meaning from your log event structure.

Understands: JSON, Anchored patterns, CSV, TSV, Delimited, Key/Value pairs, Syslog and custom formatted logs.

SenseLogs Parser

Built for AWS

SenseLogs integrates with the logs from Lambda, CloudFront, VPC Flow Logs and CloudTrail.


AWS Partner

Save Favorite Views

Save your favorite log views so you can bookmark them and then invoke with a single-click.

SenseLogs Views

Easy Safe Setup

Your AWS credentials are stored in your browser cache and are only provided to AWS.

Cloud Add

A new view on your logs

Accelerate access to your logs.

Free 7 day evaluation, no credit card required.



SenseLogs Overview

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