SenseLogs on AWS MarketPlace

SenseLogs is delivered via an AWS MarketPlace subscription. You purchase from the MarketPlace store and you are billed via your normal AWS billing invoice. A credit card or separate billing from SenseDeep is not required.

AWS MarketPlace


To go to SenseLogs in the AWS MarketPlace, click on

Customize Your Subscription

You can customize your SenseLogs subscription to be a month by month subscription or a longer 1, 2 or 3 year term. The longer terms provide greater savings.

You can also choose to Auto-Renew to save the overhead of resubscribing when the term expires. Note: you can easily cancel at anytime via the AWS MarketPlace.

Selecting Users

The last option is the number of users you wish to authorize to use SenseLogs on this AWS account. Each increment provides for an additional 5 users. If you have 5 or fewer users than need access to SenseLogs, select "1" from the pull down. If you have 10 or fewer, select "2" and so on.


Once you have customized your subscription, click subscribe and the following confirmation dialog will be displayed.

Clicking "Setup Your Account" will launch a new browser tab for the SenseLogs app.

Account Setup

Enter your Enter your first and last name, your email address and your company/account name which will be used as your account name. Then click "Save".

To complete the subscription, SenseLogs will run an AWS CloudFormation template in your AWS account to pass your registration details to the SenseLogs service.

Click "OK" which will launch a new browser tab to run the AWS CloudFormation template in the AWS account you wish to enable.

Click "Create Stack" to start the template and navigate back to the SenseLogs browser tab.

A SenseLogs progress dialog will monitor the progress of the template.

When complete, you will see the "green" success dialog.

You are now fully subscribed to the SenseLogs service for that AWS account.

If you have multiple accounts, please follow the same process for each account.

Add Cloud

To enable access to your logs, add an AWS Cloud Credential.

Your credentials are stored locally, in your browser cache and accessible only to the SenseLogs application in your browser. The credentials are only provided to the AWS SDK running in your browser and are not transmitted or shared with any other party other than AWS.

IAM Role

  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [{
      "Sid": "ReadOnlyAccess",
      "Action": [
      "Resource": "*",
      "Effect": "Allow"

This policy grants read-only access to get AWS logs and streams and get logs events.

When you enter your cloud credentials, you must also enter the AWS region containing your logs.

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