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If you need help to accelerate your Serverless or DynamoDB design or implementations, SenseDeep can help.

We have deep experience in every aspect of AWS Serverless and DynamoDB for projects large and small. As the authors of OneTable we have worked with many Serverless and DynamoDB projects large and small and helped navigate tough design and implementation issues.

To discuss your project and how we can help, please contact us at SenseDeep Services.

Serverless or DynamoDB Design Review

Whether you have a new Serverless or DynamoDB project or an existing production site, a review of your design can spot and fix potential issues. We can review your architecture, database structure, indexes, data modeling, key design, data access patterns and operational practices.

We can highlight deviations from best practices, security vulnerabilities, scaling issues and performance bottlenecks. We then recommend and assist you to correct these issues.

DynamoDB Design Changes and Migrations

Implementing a design change to your DynamoDB table and data without down-time or data risk is difficult to achieve. We have extensive experience evolving live production sites to upgrade DynamoDB tables without impacting user access or data.

If you have a pending data migration, we can help.

DynamoDB Data Modeling and Mapping

If you are starting out and need guidance with your DynamoDB single-table data model, we can help using proven single-table design patterns and techniques.

DynamoDB Performance and Cost Optimization and Tuning

We created the OneTable and DynamoDB Metrics libraries to address the serious lack of good DynamoDB performance monitoring tools. We can help tune your DynamoDB service to lower cost and improve performance and scale.


To discuss your project, please contact us at SenseDeep Services.

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