SenseDeep Serverless Developer Studio

Welcome to SenseDeep, the serverless developer studio.

SenseDeep provides AWS developers with critical tools to create, debug, deliver and maintain serverless applications.

It covers the core AWS serverless services including Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, EventBridge and others.

SenseDeep provides in-depth design time tools via the SenseDeep DynamoDB studio so you can confidently create single-table serverless apps using DynamoDB.

And when developing or in production, SenseDeep helps you pin-point serverless errors via an integrated developer studio with invocation traces, metrics, logs, alarms, alerts and notifications. SenseDeep watches over your services 24x7.


If this is TL;DR, skip straight to Setup to get going.

Product Scope

SenseDeep has six key modules:

DynamoDB Design Studio

SenseDeep has a complete DynamoDB design studio that includes a single-table aware data browser, single-table designer, data migration manager, provisioning planner and detailed operational metrics.

Lambda Monitoring

SenseDeep tracks all the Lambda functions in your connected AWS accounts. It aggregates Lambda metrics and detailed Lambda invocation logs into a complete perspective for your serverless applications.

For true observability, it is important to have both a high level view of your function metrics and the ability to pin-point the exact details causing specific issues. SenseDeep provides high level metrics and graphs, while also delivering precise per-invocation traces.

SenseDeep gathers critical Lambda details including the number of invocations, function durations, errors, cold starts, memory used, lambda cost and many other metrics. SenseDeep also captures complete lambda invocation trace logs. These are combined with invocation metrics to provide a unified view of a Lambda invocation.

Log Viewer

AWS CloudWatch is a great initial store for your AWS and application log data. However, it is slow and difficult to locate the specific log events in the sea of log groups and streams.

SenseDeep captures all your log data, aggregates log streams and correlates your Lambda log data. The SenseDeep log viewer is a real-time log viewer that makes it easier than ever to view, browse and query important log data.

SenseDeep securely stores log data within your own account. Your log data never leaves your account so you don’t need to worry about the security of your log data.

Automated Alarms

Augmenting these foreground monitoring capabilities, SenseDeep provides automated alarms to constantly evaluate the performance of your Lambdas, logs and applications.

For comprehensive observability of your serverless applications, you need both detailed foreground monitoring and the ability to automate the health checking of your service. SenseDeep Alarms are automated rules that check Lambda or log resources for specific conditions. These alarms can look deeply into your application logs and metrics to sleuth trouble. The alarms run 24x7x365 and will alert you at the first sign of trouble.

Alarms can monitor Lambda metrics such as Lambda duration, errors, invocations, concurrency or throttles. Alarms can also monitor any log event data for Lambda functions or indeed any log group. Some serverless monitoring solutions only track CloudWatch metrics and do not have the ability to trigger alerts based on application log events. SenseDeep Alarms provide coverage of both high-level metrics and specific application log data in real-time.


When a SenseDeep alarm triggers, a SenseDeep alarm is generated to capture all the relevant information and context so you can easily determine the root cause of the alert.


SenseDeep supports a wide variety of notification channels for alerts including: Email, SMS, AWS EventBridge, Lambda and HTTP/HTTPS. Notification messages include when the incident occurred, the Lambda or resource that triggered the alarm and clear context of the triggering metric or log event.


The SenseDeep dashboard is a highly customizable presentation of graphical widgets to display your most important Serverless metrics. It displays Lambda, log widgets and graphs and gauges.

SenseDeep Design

SenseDeep consists of three cooperating components:

Browser App

The SenseDeepApp is a high performance “single-page” VueJS application. It fetches Lambda and log data in the background so you don’t have to wait or click reload when navigating to view logs or Lambdas.

The app provides a unified view for your serverless apps, Lambdas and logs.

The app connects directly to your AWS account and fetches Lambda and log data without passing the data through the SenseDeep backend service. This critically eliminates delays and makes SenseDeep the fastest serverless monitoring tool.

Backend Service

SenseDeep is itself 100% serverless and we believe in “eating our own dog-food”. We use only AWS serverless technologies to create SenseDeep including: Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, CloudFormation, SES and SNS.

SenseDeepWatcher Lambda

When you connect SenseDeep to your AWS account, we install a tiny Lambda in your account to subscribe to AWS Lambda log groups and other important events. The SenseDeepWatcher is extremely efficient. It ingests log data and evaluates your log alarms in milliseconds.

The SenseDeepWatcher runs metric alarms and application log data alarms. It can also forward log data to an enterprise logging system of your choice.

Now, lets get setup.

SenseDeep Setup

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