Alarms Overview

Metric Alarms

SenseDeep alarms can monitor Lambda metrics such as Lambda duration, errors, invocations, concurrency or throttles. By configuring alarms for key service metrics, you will be alerted when your service needs attention.

Adding a Metric Alarm

To add a metric alarm, click on the "Alarms" icon in the sidebar and then select "Metrics" in the top ribbon of the Modify Alarm panel.

Alarm List

Selecting Resources

Alarms can specify the set of Lambda resources to monitor by an explicit resource "list", or by tags or matching resource names via a regular expression. When matching by tag or name pattern, SenseDeep will automatically match new Lambda functions as they are created and destroyed. In this way, you can define an alarm once and it will automatically monitor newly created functions.

Metric Alarm Rule

The alarm rule is an expression that compares a metric with a threshold value using a sampling statistic.

For each metric alarm, you specify:


Alerts can optionally run notifications to inform you immediately of an issue with your service. These messages include when the incident occurred, the Lambda or resource that triggered the alarm and clear context of the triggering metric.

Event Alarms

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