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Serverless Developer Studio for AWS

For Reliable Observable Apps

SenseDeep is driven to create the most productive, intuitive and revealing Observability platform for Serverless.

Become a Serverless Super Hero

Create Reliable Observable Serverless Apps.

Detailed AWS serverless observability, monitoring and troubleshooting.

SenseDeep for Serverless

Monitor Your Microservices

All your Lambdas and Logs analyzed and monitored.

Quickly pin-point application errors.

Track Lambda invocations, errors, throttles, cold starts and cost.

Event drill-down with full invocation traces.

Precise details with formatted and JSON color-coded log events.

SenseDeep Functions Log

Smooth and Fast Log Viewer

Real-time updating with fast live-tail.

Highlight serverless events and application errors.

Infinite "buttery smooth" scrolling. Jump and scroll to log events at any date and time.

Search and query to instantly locate events.

Create, save and share views of your logs.

Never again click reload to see new events.

SenseDeep Viewer

Alarms and Alerts

Automate error detection 24x7 while you sleep.

Alarms and alerts for application log events, metrics and EventBridge events.

Select monitored resources by tags, regular expressions or list.

Smart notification dampening so you don't get swamped by alerts.

Maintenance free — automatically subscribes new Lambdas and logs.

SenseDeep Alarms

Lambda Insights

Improve Lambda performance with Lambda specific recommendations.

Tune your Lambda's memory size, timeout limits, and cost.

Guided best practices for your functions.

SenseDeep Functions Log

Service Status Dashboards

Graphically view critical service metrics and errors.

Graph and display any AWS or custom metrics.

You can visualize:

→ Trends in errors, service load and costs

→ The impact of cold starts on your service

→ Which invocations are failing

Multiple dashboards with drag-n-drop and resize widgets to suit.

SenseDeep Functions Show

Blazing Fast Log Capture and Storage Engine

Log data is captured and stored in a DynamoDB table in your account.

Zero latency when displaying log views and running alarms.

SenseDeep Viewer

Secure Log Storage

Your log data never leaves your account.

Your secrets, identifiers and data are safe in your account and are not shared outside your account.

Open access to the DynamoDB logging table for your custom needs.

SenseDeep Viewer

An Easier Way to Troubleshoot Serverless

Accelerate your delivery with fast, easy serverless troubleshooting.

Simple flat pricing with no limits on the number of Lambdas to monitor, the number of Lambda invocations or GB of data ingested.

Free 14 day evaluation, no credit card required.


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