SenseDeep Pricing


Fast, easy AWS log analysis
Buttery-smooth viewer
Blazing fast log download
Real live tail
Rapid search
Smart log parsing
Compound queries
Two log views (2)


Instant AWS log analysis for professionals
Everything in Free
Correlate multiple logs
Multiple AWS accounts (10)
Customize / save log views
Export log events
Custom log formats
Filter log events by RegExp
Unlimited log views


Ultimate log analysis for teams
Everything in Pro
Invite multiple users (10)
Group users in orgs (1)
Share logs and views
Team support
Unlimited AWS accounts


SenseDeep for the enterprise or consultants
Everything in Team
Enterprise support
Unlimited organizations
Unlimited users


  • No hassle cancellation at any time.
  • Annual plans available in app.
  • Option to purchase via AWS MarketPlace for the Pro Plan.

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