SenseDeep Setup

Welcome to SenseDeep, empowering web developers with real-time cloud audit and intrusion detection.

SenseDeep is a security service that identifies vulnerabilities in your site and helps you eliminate those vulnerabilities. It detects attacks and compromises in real-time and automatically invokes defenses.


To register, go to the SenseDeep app and create your account at:

Registration will create your SenseDeep account and a user login for the email and password you supply. Later, you can create additional logins for other users on your account if required.

Once registered, you will be logged in to the SenseDeep App and your evaluation trial will begin.

Evaluation Trial

Your evaluation trial lasts 14 days. During this time you can use the service for free. If you decide early to convert to a paid subscription, you will still receive the full free evaluation trial benefits.

Account Setup

Before you can use SenseDeep, you must first grant SenseDeep access to your AWS account. SenseDeep needs limited access to your account so that it can monitor your site, detect security threats and invoke defenses.

Granting access consists of creating an AWS Access Policy and Access Role on your account. To provide real-time security management, SenseDeep will install an AWS Cloud Watch event and AWS SNS message subscription in each active region for your account. This is necessary to route events from your account to SenseDeep.

Folow the steps on the Account Setup page.


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