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EventBridge Rules Overview

AWS EventBridge is a service that routes events from issuing sources to multiple targets across a variety of AWS and 3rd party services.

EventBridge helps to decouple applications and services and allows developers to embrace event-drive design patterns.

SenseDeep supports EventBridge by providing capture and management of EventBridge events. You can monitor overview metrics, capture detailed event traces and configure alarms to alert you based on event contents.

Rule Details


SenseDeep displays graphical metrics for EventBridge invocations, errors and triggers on a per-rule basis.

You can view metrics in the EventBridge rule details page or via widgets on the home dashboard.

Event Logging

SenseDeep supports the capture of EventBridge events so you can view an event stream and drill down to individual events. For each EventBridge rule, you can configure a CloudWatch log group to store events and manage the desired event log retention settings.

SenseDeep captures events and stores them securely in its high-performance log database in your account. Your events and sensitive data are secure as they never leave your account.

SenseDeep directly ingests event data and makes it available in seconds. This greatly reduces lag and wait time as SenseDeep displays events from AWS as soon as they are available.

Rule List

SenseDeep maintains a list of your EventBridge rules.

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