Assigning Alerts

Account Overview

When your SenseDeep account was created, an account and login was created for your personal use and with it, a personal SenseDeep organization.


SenseDeep uses organizations to collect your AWS accounts, resources, dashboards, Lambdas, logs, alarms and alerts into a management group. An organization is thus an environment that allows you to focus on a set of AWS resources.

You can think of the SenseDeep management hierarchy like:

Account → Organizations → Users


The SenseDeep professional plan supportsw a single user with a single personal organization. The SenseDeep team and enterprise plans support multiple organizations and you can invite other users to these organizations. A user can be a member of multiple SenseDeep organizations.

Consult the Account Plans page for more details.

AWS Accounts

The SenseDeep professional plan supports a single connected AWS account. The team and enterprise plans support multiple connected AWS accounts.

Account Settings

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