SenseDeep Setup


The SenseDeep user interface is designed to provide a fast and intuitive serverless developer experience and dashboard.


The navigation bar at the top of the screen has the following elements: * Bars icon to shrink the sidebar and minimize horizontal space * SenseDeep logo linked to the SenseDeep web site * Wizard icon to invoke the getting started wizard * Trial expiry indicator * Unresolved alert messages icon * Login email address or organization name and logout drop-down * Help Center launch button

Bars icon

The bars icon will shrink the screen real estate occupied by the sidebar navigation icons. Clicking again will restore them to full width.

Unresolved Alert Notices

The unresolved alert icon and drop-down will list the most recent 5 alert notices. You can click on an alert to display full details of the alert in the alert list

Alert Dropdown

Login Email

The navigation bar will display your current login email address or your organization name if you have activated an organization. To log out, click on your email address to display a logout option and select that.

Org Switch


The help menu option at the right-hand end of the navigation bar will invoke the Help Center and display context-sensitive help for the screen you are viewing.

Help Center

Using Help

App Links

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