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Serverless applications are comprised of many components: Lambdas, queues, event sources, databases and more.

Add in dependent and cooperating applications and services, multiple deployment environments, AWS accounts and then managing serverless apps quickly becomes complex and difficult.

So, organizing all these components so they can be managed effectively is essential. You need a high-level view with the ability to drill down to specific Lambdas.

SenseDeep applications create order from this chaos and allow you to focus on a group of Lambdas and see the application as a whole and still be able to drill-down with a couple of clicks to an individual Lambda invocation.

SenseDeep Applications

SenseDeep applications are a SenseDeep grouping of related lambdas that represent an application in your AWS account that can be monitored as a whole. SenseDeep Applications may represent discrete applications or services, or they can be deployment environments such as "production" or "staging".

You can create multiple applications and applications may share resources and overlap. It is your choice how you configure a SenseDeep application.

Lambdas can be selected from multiple AWS accounts in multiple regions, so if your application is multi-region or multi-account, SenseDeep applications can easily manage it.

Defining Applications

When defining a SenseDeep application, you specify a name and select a group of Lambdas to include.

Application Lambdas may be selected by matching AWS tags, regular expressions or an explicit list of Lambdas. If selection is by tags or regular expressions, the set of Lambdas is dynamic and newly qualifying Lambdas will be added to the application or removed as required.


Lambdas may be chosen from one or more SenseDeep clouds. This means an application can span multiple AWS regions or AWS accounts.

Application List

The Application list displays your applications.


From this list, you can click on any application to display the application view details.

Application View

The SenseDeep application view combines the metrics and performance counters for your application Lambdas into one top-level view. The total invocations, errors, timeouts, throttles and cold-starts are graphed and presented.

Your aggregate Lambda execution cost is estimated for the application over a month. You can also select the application view time period to be per hour, day, week, month or custom period.


Below the metrics, the application view shows the metrics and performance of each individual Lambda.

You can click on a Lambda to see the Lambda view with per-invocation metrics.


SenseDeep applications provide a flexible and adaptable management view of your serverless Lambdas. They give you a higher level of management over a set of Lambda functions.

Getting Started with SenseDeep

There is nothing to install. Just navigate your browser to:

SenseDeep does not needlessly copy or replicate your log data that is stored in CloudWatch and does not charge any per-lambda or per-GB log ingestion fee. Your SenseDeep subscription is a small flat predictable fee regardless of scale.

To learn more about SenseDeep and how to use the app, please read the documentation at:

Please let us know what you think, we thrive on feedback.


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