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New Logging Engine

As promised, the latest SenseDeep update brings an all new logging engine that offers fast, predictable, low-latency access to any log data regardless of the date.

SenseDeep has always prioritized fast access to log data, but utilizing CloudWatch logs as a data store made this difficult at times, especially, when trying to access data at specific date ranges.

The new logging engine changes the core logging strategy used by SenseDeep to capture log data and store it securely in your AWS account using an open DynamoDB table.

The result is fast, predictable access to your log and Lambda data in an open architecture solution.

SenseDeep Watcher and Log Capture

SenseDeep captures log data by automatically subscribing to required CloudWatch log groups. To do this, SenseDeep runs a small Lambda function called the Watcher in your account. The Watcher receives log data and stores it in a DynamoDB database together with your Alarm and Alert configuration.

The Watcher automatically subscribes (and unsubscribes) to logs as required and efficiently captures log events and saves them in a DynamoDB table.

The Watcher and the DynamoDB table run inside your AWS account in your designated regions. This offers the highest performance and eliminates latencies when accessing your recent log data. It is also more secure as your log data never leaves your account.

Read the full article at New Logging Engine.

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