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SenseDeep now has a complete DynamoDB developer studio to support your DynamoDB designs and single-table development.

It includes a table manager, data item browser, single-table designer, provisioning planner, database migration manager and in-depth table metrics.

SenseDeep DynamoDB studio is a comprehensive set of DynamoDB tools that are single-table “aware”. This means SenseDeep can understand your single-table designs and application entity data and can guide your design, queries and monitoring based on this deeper understanding.


DynamoDB best practices are evolving quickly as developers are realizing how to exploit the power behind the deceptively simple DynamoDB design. Designs with single-table design patterns, key overriding and composition, sparse indexes, query optimization and more powerful single-table access libraries such as OneTable are becoming common place.

However, managing single-table data and performance can often feel like you are peering at Assembly Language. Packing disparate data items into a single-table can make navigating, organizing and viewing data difficult. Furthermore, single-table design techniques such as prefixed and mapped attribute names exacerbate this problem and can make interpreting keys tough.

New tools are needed that understand the single-table schema and its relationships. These tools should support schema creating and be able to present and organize your data logically according to your application entities.

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