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SenseDeep is a development studio for developers creating and evolving serverless apps. It offers fast, in-depth serverless design, troubleshooting and monitoring so that developers can quickly create and debug serverless applications. It provides AWS developers with critical tools to efficiently create, debug, deliver and maintain serverless applications.

SenseDeep includes an integrated suite of design-time DynamoDB tools including: table manager, single-table aware data browser, single-table designer, migration manager, provisioning planner and entity-level metrics.

SenseDeep provides request invocation traces, metrics, logs, alarms, alerts and notifications and watches over your services 24x7.

SenseDeep is unique as the only open architecture solution where your serverless data never leave your account and you have full access and control over your data.

SenseDeep is not for “Netflix” scale production sites. Rather it is for development teams that need insight to help accelerate their delivery as they develop and evolve their serverless apps.

Serverless Made Crystal Clear

Serverless Metrics

SenseDeep organizes and aggregates essential AWS lambda metrics and CloudWatch logs data into a unified view.

You can visualize:

  • which requests are failing now
  • performance over various time periods
  • the impact of cold starts on your service
  • the duration of function execution
  • the history of function invocations
  • the configuration and cost of functions
  • how your DynamoDB tables and single-table designs are performing

DynamoDB Studio

DynamoDB Studio

Integrated suite of DynamoDB tools to create and manage single-table designs.

Smart Data Browser to make sense of your single-table designs.

Single Table Designer to create and manage single-table schemas and models.

Migration Manager to orchestrate database migrations for your table.

Provisioning Planner to calculate and monitor your table provisioning and billing.

Detailed Metrics down to the single-table entity level.

Table Manager for quick/easy development time creation of tables and indexes.

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Serverless Requests in Depth

Serverless Metrics

One click on a function event brings up the full details of that invocation.

The inline log data for that invocation shows the precise invocation details. Log data is formatted and JSON color-coded.

Errors are highlighted so you can easily see the cause of any failures.

If required, you can jump to the full log and zoom to that invocation in context.

Organize Lambdas into applications for service level monitoring and management.

Dashboards at a Glance

Dashboard Widgets

Unified dashboard with fully customizable dashboards with graphical and numeric widgets.

Display metrics for every AWS service and for custom application metrics.

Dashboards can display widgets for multiple AWS accounts in different regions.

Save and share dashboard views with team members.

Alarms and Alerts

SenseDeep Alarms

Automate your error and performance issue detection with powerful alarm capabilities.

Create alarms for any application log event or EventBridge event, not just metrics.

Alarms can trigger on log event patterns and exclude noisy conditions for more effective alerts.

Create event-based alarms based on matching EventBridge events.

Dynamically subscribe new lambdas to alarms by tags or matching regular expression names.

Trigger notification alerts by email or SMS.

Smart notification dampening so you don’t get swamped by alerts.

Lambda Insights

Serverless Metrics

Improve service performance with guided insights and recommendations.

Tune your function’s memory size, timeout limits, throttling, cold starts and function cost.

Blazing Fast Log Viewer

SenseDeep Viewer

The SenseDeep log viewer is blazing fast and a joy to use.

It has infinite, buttery smooth scrolling.

Real-time, live-tail automatically displays new log data without clicking reload.

Powerful search and query to instantly locate important events.

Create and share multiple “views” of your log with custom filters and time ranges.

Powerful Structured Queries


Search for important log events via full text queries.

Use regular expressions or key/value searches using a familiar Javascript expression language.

Exclude service related events to focus on application events of interest.

Add custom exclusion patterns to focus on events of interest.

Smart Log Parsing

SenseDeep Parser

SenseDeep will extract meaning from your log event structure and automatically map fields to columns for display.

Understands: JSON, Anchored patterns, CSV, TSV, Delimited, Key/Value pairs, Syslog and custom formatted logs.

Quick Safe Setup

Cloud Add

Connect multiple AWS accounts for a single over-arching view of your service.

Connect multiple AWS regions.

Connect to AWS via a secure IAM role.

Seamlessly invokes CloudFormation template to setup your account.

Create organizations and Invite Team Members

Cloud Add

With the SenseDeep Team plan, you can invite team members to share the same management configuration and views.

Invite outside users and consultants to be part of your SenseDeep organization.

Control access with detailed permissions. Grant view or admin access as required.

Easy revoking of access if needed.

Configure alerts to be resolved by specific team members.

Unique Open Architecture Logging

Open Architecture

SenseDeep has a unique open architecture design where your serverless and log data are stored within your account. Your data never leaves your account.

SenseDeep has an open, published data schema so you can fully access and utilize your data for custom needs.

Log data captured by a high-performance lambda in your account called the Watcher.

Recent data cached in a DynamoDB table in your account for secure, high-performance retrieval.

More secure as your logging identifiers and secrets are never sent over the wire to another service.

Built for AWS

AWS Partner

SenseDeep leverages the best of AWS without duplication. Our unique open transparent design utilizes the best of AWS services to give you complete access and control of your data.

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