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Frustrated with CloudWatch and Serverless debugging?

You don't have to be ...

SenseDeep provides an easier way.

AWS CloudWatch is a convenient, unified logging solution so you can collect and access all your operational and performance data in one place. However, while the CloudWatch capture and storage facilities are excellent, the viewing and querying options are slow and limited.

We've tried a number of offerings that build upon the CloudWatch Logs service, but never found the experience I was looking for.

As a developer, I wanted:

  • Speed to immediately scan thousands of log events without delay
  • Live tail to see new log events as they arrived
  • Powerful structured queries to quickly locate errors
  • The ability to save my common log views in a dashboard

The AWS log console, while usable, is too slow to make this effective. It takes up to 2-4 seconds to load page by page of log events. The CloudWatch Insights product is more powerful for queries, but can take over a minute for a single query.

To address these needs, and build upon the solid CloudWatch foundation, we created SenseDeep.

SenseDeep is an AWS CloudWatch Logs solution that runs fast, 100% in your browser. It transparently downloads and stores log events in your browser application cache for immediate and later viewing. It offers smooth scrolling and powerful full text and structured queries.


CloudWatch + SenseDeep

Here is a quick comparison of CloudWatch Logs and how SenseDeep augments these capabilities to offer a more complete logging solution.

CloudWatch Logs SenseDeep
Capture Log Data
Retain Log Data
Manage Retention Policies
Log Viewer basic advanced
Time to show next page > 1-2 seconds < 1/100th second
Time to page through 1000 events >20 seconds <1/2 second
Automatically Aggregate Log Streams
Correlate multiple log groups
Transparent Event Pre-Cache
Live Refresh and Live Tail
Infinite Smooth Scroll
Understand Structured Events
Filter and Query Events Separate CloudWatch Insights Integrated Javascript expressions
Save Log Views and View Formatting

Cache Log Data in your Browser

SenseDeep is dramatically faster than other solutions because it caches log data in your browser. Rather than duplicating log event data in a 3rd party solution, SenseDeep fetches log events in the background and caches them locally in your browser. As you scroll forward or backward, SenseDeep transparently fetches new log events to anticipate your need. With SenseDeep, events can be displayed, queried, and scrolled with lightning speed.

Getting Started

There is nothing to install. Just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep and how to use the app, please read the documentation at:

Please let us know what you think, we thrive on feedback:

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