SenseDeep Serverless Developer Studio Data Sheet

SenseDeep is a serverless studio for developers. It offers fast, in-depth serverless design, troubleshooting and monitoring services so you can quickly develop your serverless applications.


SenseDeep Benefits

  • Accelerate the creation, delivery and maintenance of serverless solutions.
  • Provide design time tools, guidance and assistance for DynamoDB single-table applications.
  • Troubleshoot serverless conditions and errors quickly.
  • Provide immediate and detailed insight into complex distributed serverless systems.
  • Automate diagnostics via 24x7 alarms on application and database events and metrics.
  • Eliminates delays waiting for serverless and application log results.
  • Accelerates developer delivery of new application features and lowers developer frustration.

SenseDeep Features

Serverless Monitoring and Management

  • High-level aggregated application, database and compute service monitoring.
  • In-depth monitoring of all AWS metrics and logs.
  • Detailed request invocation traces and history with full details and stack trace errors.
  • Fastest time-to-detect faults and present results for viewing.

DynamoDB Studio

  • Integrated collection of DynamoDB tools for single-table designs.
  • Intelligent single-table aware data Browser.
  • Single Table Designer to create and manage entity schemas.
  • Migration Manager to orchestrate and monitor data migrations.
  • Provisioning Planner to monitor and calculate the optimium provisioning and billing.
  • Detailed Metrics with single-table entitity level metrics.
  • Table Manager for quick easy creation of tables and indexes.

Lamba Studio

  • Per-lambda detailed metrics including: concurrency, cost, duration, errors, memory and throttles.
  • Trend analysis with graphs and gauges on key lambda metrics.
  • Aggregated lambda metrics over multiple functions in service or application.
  • Integrated lambda application logs in context.
  • Smart insights and recommendations based on best practices.

Application / Services Perspectives

  • Define multiple application views of your service.
  • Statistics aggregated into application-level metrics.
  • Organize and aggregate lambdas into logical views.
  • Highlight poorly performing and costly lambdas.

Log Viewer

  • Automatic aggregation of AWS log streams into a single, seamless view.
  • Immediate live zero-delay updating of new log data.
  • Filter service related messages to focus on your application data.
  • Infinite smooth scrolling.
  • Smart log parsing — extracts fields from JSON, CSV and other log formats and maps to view columns.
  • Support for deeply nested and color coded JSON events.
  • Customize, save, bookmark and share favorite log views.
  • Option to backfill log data from CloudWatch logs.

Log Query

  • Search and filter events with full text and powerful structured queries.
  • Flexible Javascript-like query expression language.
  • View and query events by date range with fast goto event by date and time.
  • SenseDeep scans logs and queries data 10x faster than CloudWatch Insights.


  • Automated dectection of error condidtions and custom issues 24x7.
  • Set alarms for application log events, metrics and EventBridge events.
  • Monitor lambda metrics including: duration, errors, invocations, concurrency and throttles.
  • Trigger alarms for any application log event via include and exclude patterns.
  • Automatically subscribe and unsubscribe new lambdas and logs as they are created and destroyed.
  • Trigger one more more notifications when alarms trigger.
  • Select lambda and log resources via list, tags or name matching.


  • Alerts generated when alarmed conditions are triggered.
  • Automatic alert coalescing to eliminate duplicate reports.
  • Configurable re-arm period for alerts to be reactivated.
  • Assign alerts to team members for processing.
  • Mark alerts as resolved when cured and re-arm the alarm.


  • Multiple notification channels supported for each alarm.
  • Channels supported include: email, SMS, EventBridge, lambda and HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Automatic notification dampening to prevent "alert deluges".


  • Customizable dashboard of graphical widgets with coverage of all AWS services.
  • Timeline graphs for lambda invocations, concurrency, duration, errors, throttles and more.
  • Resize and reorder dashboard widgets and save to share with other organization members.
  • Gallery of widgets including: timeline, gauge, numerics, text, log and lambda widgets.
  • Selectable time range to present data for last hour, day, week, month or custom range.
  • Pre-configured widget sets for major AWS services.

AWS Cloud Connections

  • Aggregate multiple AWS accounts and regions in a single view.
  • Connect via IAM role to multiple AWS accounts.
  • Dynamically subscribes to new lambdas, logs and other AWS resources.


  • Manage multiple AWS accounts from a single login.
  • Manage multiple regions aggregated into a single view.
  • Create organizations and invite team members.
  • Share dashboards, log views, metrics, reports and alarms.


  • SenseDeep is an open transparent observability platform where all your data is stored in your account.
  • Enhanced security -- your log and metric data never leaves your account.
  • Published log and monitoring database schema so you can fully access and extend if required.
  • Fastest monitoring solution

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