SenseDeep Lambda Studio Insights

SenseDeep has smart recommendations to assist you in tuning and optimizing your Lambda functions.


Consistently implementing serverless best-practices can be difficult and doing so in a constantly changing environment is challenging. As your load changes, the optimal cpu/memory configuration needs to change also. SenseDeep recommendations will provide feedback as to how you can improve your best-practices.

SenseDeep Insights will advise if:

  • you can reduce allocated memory to save execution costs,
  • should increase memory to reduce the risk of memory exhaustion,
  • should increase your AWS concurrency limit to handle your peak load,
  • should use reserved concurrency to ensure a function can scale effectively,
  • have too many function cold starts which are impacting the user experience,
  • are experiencing function throttling which is impacting performance,
  • should increase the function timeout to prevent timeouts,
  • should reduce the function timeout to reduce the risk of a run-away function, or
  • should migrate the a heavily used function to EC2, EKS or Fargate to save execution costs.

Recommendation Engine

SenseDeep has a set of deep metrics to detect opportunities to optimize your function's performance. Coupled with a set of best-practice rules, SenseDeep can provide guided recommendations to improve your Lambda services.

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