Subscribing to SenseDeep

SenseDeep 2.4 has the following new features:

  • Account-based organization
  • Scalable subscription plans: Free, Pro, Team and Enterprise
  • Continued support for optional AWS MarketPlace purchasing
  • Ability to invite account users and external users to view logs
  • Improved Viewer column sizing and stability
  • Simplified Cloud connect
  • Some minor UI improvements.

Account-based Organization

SenseDeep 2.4 follows a familiar account-based paradigm where multiple users can login to a single subscription account. This is ideal for a team that needs quick and easy access to critical application and service logs.

SenseDeep also supports sharing log views with external (non-account) users. This supports ad-hoc sharing of views and the consultant-customer use case.

Scalable Subscription Plans

SenseDeep is available via four scalable plans:

  • Free — fast, easy log analysis for free
  • Pro — Instant log analysis for professionals
  • Team — Ultimate log analysis for teams
  • Enterprise — SenseDeep for the entire enterprise

The Free version supports log analysis for two log views. It is the easiest, fastest way to view AWS CloudWatch logs.

The Pro version adds the ability customize and save log views, correlate multiple logs into a unified view and support for unlimited log views.

The Team version provides the ability to create organizations and share log views with other users.

The Enterprise version supports unlimited organizations and users with enterprise support.

Upgrading to SenseDeep 2.4

You will be automatically upgraded to SenseDeep 2.4 when you next login. You will see some additional menu options, and your clouds, logs, views and organizations will be upgraded without impact.

The existing AWS MarketPlace SenseDeep subscription is still supported and existing customers can migrate to the Pro plan or continue on the MarketPlace subscription.

MarketPlace Customers

To align MarketPlace subscription plans with the new card plans, they will undergo some changes, including a price increase. A separate communication will go to existing MarketPlace customers regarding upgrade options.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or require any assistance either before or after the upgrade.

Simplified Cloud Connect and MarketPlace Subscription

To view logs in your AWS account, you connect your AWS account to a SenseDeep cloud. You can do this via AWS keys or via an IAM role. SenseDeep 2.4 further simplifies the process involved in setting up an IAM role and subscribing via AWS MarketPlace.


This release fixes the following issues:

  • Viewer column width resizing on scroll


SenseDeep is a fast and easy serverless troubleshooting service. SenseDeep displays Lambda results in real-time with full metrics, analysis and application log data in context. It offers alarms, alerts and notifications for 24x7 monitoring.

Getting Started

There is nothing to install. Just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep and how to use the app, please read the documentation at:

Please let us know what you think, we thrive on feedback.


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