SenseDeep Provisioning Planner


Introducing the SenseDeep Provisioning Planner

The SenseDeep provisioning planner guides your selection of billing and provisioning options for DynamoDB.

While there are various DynamoDB calculators, they are "theoretical" and not based on actual data usage. The SenseDeep provisioning planner displays displays the actual costs of your current billing plan based on real, historical and live data. It then compares this usage with the the cost of an alternate plan if you were to switch your billing plan from OnDemand to Provisioned or vice-versa.

Provisioning Planner

The DynamoDB Provisioning page displays your current and projected provisioning, utilization and costs.

The top two graphs display the actual read and write capacity usage by your table. A red-line overlay will show your provisioned or predicted provisioned usage if you are using OnDemand billing.

Below the graphs, the left card will display the current billing configuration, be it OnDemand or Provisioned. The right card will display the alternate billing mode estimate.

The billing costs include read and write capacity I/O units and the current storage requirements.

If there is a significant benefit to changing billing modes, SenseDeep will highlight that in the lower green card.



Gaining insight into single-table design patterns is the new frontier for DynamoDB and the SenseDeep DynamoDB Studio is the start of a new wave of tools to elevate and transform DynamoDB development.

Previously, single-table design with DynamoDB was a black box and it was difficult to peer inside and see how the components of your apps are operating and interacting. Now, SenseDeep can understand your data schema and can transform raw DynamoDB data to highlight your application entities and relationships and transform your effectiveness with DynamoDB.

SenseDeep includes a table manager, data item browser, single-table designer, provisioning planner, database migration manager and in-depth table metrics — all of which are single-table aware.


Try the SenseDeep DynamoDB studio with a free developer license at SenseDeep App.

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