Getting Started with SenseDeep


To start using SenseDeep, simply navigate to and register a new account.

You can register with either a username and password, or you can use social login account from Amazon, Facebook or Google if you wish.

After registering, SenseDeep and will automatically create some sample lambda logs and views for you to explore SenseDeep. Click on one of the view cards to launch a view of the sample log.

Home Page

After logging in, SenseDeep will automatically create some sample logs and display the sample log views.

The SenseDeep home page displays view cards for log views.

Clicking on a view card will launch the SenseDeep viewer to display log events for that view.

SenseDeep Home

Connecting Your Serverless Lambdas and Logs

To view your serverless functions and logs, you need to connect your AWS account to a SenseDeep Cloud. When connecting your AWS account, you can either enter AWS access keys or you can use the more secure AWS IAM role method.

When you enter your cloud credentials, you must also enter the AWS region containing your logs. If you select to create an IAM role, this will run a CloudFormation template to connect to your AWS resources.

Auto Discovery

Once your credentials are added, SenseDeep will quickly discover your Lambda functions and Log groups. These will be displayed in the Function and Log lists. If you have Lambda functions, the Lambda summary graphs will be displayed on your home page.

SenseDeep creates a list of all your Lambda functions and displays aggregated function metrics.

SenseDeep Log List

The function list includes the number of invocations (events), average function duration, the number of errors, cold starts, memory used and the estimated monthly cost of the function. These metrics are for the invocations sampled and cached in your browser. You can see metrics for other periods by clicking on a function to display the detailed function display.

Lambda Detail

Selecting a Lambda function from the function list will display detailed graphs and metrics for the function.


The graphs shows function performance including the number of invocations, concurrent executions, errors and the average duration. You can select the graphed period to be per hour, day, week, month or custom period using the period button at the top right. Next to that is the interval period which defines the metric sample size. You can set this to be 5 minutes, one hour or one day.

Below the graphs are key performance indicators for the most recent period. These statistics include the number of cold starts and the estimated cost for the function per month.

Below the numeric widgets is a searchable list of function invocations ordered to put the most recent invocations at the top. Click on any invocation to display the full invocation details.

Full Invocation Details


The function invocation details make it quick and easy and troubleshoot errors.

The function version, timeout, code size and ARN are presented at the top. Below that, the exact invocation logs are formatted and displayed.

The logs are color-coded and JSON fragments are expanded for clarity. You can click on the "All Logs" button to immediately jump to the full CloudWatch log at the exact location of the invocation. From there, you can see previous and subsequent events in context.

Log List

SenseDeep Log List

The Log list displays all your CloudWatch log groups. From the list, you can select a log to launch the log viewer.

Log Viewer

The SenseDeep Viewer is a window into your log events.

You can search, query and scroll forwards and backwards over log data and SenseDeep will transparently download log data as required. The first and last log events are highlighted with a reverse grey background and the current event is highlighted in blue.

SenseDeep Viewer

SenseDeep will intelligently parse event fields and map them onto viewer column headings.

You can display log events as a single line, or expand one or more events in a multi-line format for easier viewing.

Viewer Navigation Bar

The SenseDeep Viewer has a navigation bar with the most common commands at your finger tips.

Enjoy using SenseDeep!


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