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SenseDeep has a complete DynamoDB developer studio to support your DynamoDB designs and single-table development.

It includes a table manager, data item browser, single-table designer, provisioning planner, database migration manager and in-depth table metrics.

The SenseDeep DynamoDB studio is single-table "aware". This means SenseDeep can understand your single-table designs and application entity data and can guide your design, queries and monitoring based on this deeper understanding.

DynamoDB Data Table Browser

Make sense of your encoded single-table data with the SenseDeep DynamoDB table data browser that is fully single-table aware. It will streamline your queries and intuitively understand your application entities when presenting item data.


Guided query or scan using single-table schema that understands your app entities.

Data presented as color-coded item collections and application entities.

Inline edit and load and save queries.

Navigate by single click to follow application entity relationship hot-links.

Import and export table data to Workbench or JSON files.

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Single Table Designer

The Single Table Designer assists you to create your single-table entity schema. By defining your application schema first, your data access and queries become much simpler and easier to express and view.


Create single-table schemas and application entities.

Define entity field attributes, validations and other properties.

Define entity relationships for hot-linking.

Save schemas in-table for self-describing tables.

Integrated with Data Browser and Migration manager.

Export schema to OneTable.

Migration Manager

The SenseDeep Migration Manager provides a controlled way to transform your DynamoDB data and manage data migrations. With it, you can easily and reliabily evolve your DynamoDB data design to upgrade or downgrade your table data without downtime.


Manage and easily evolve DynamoDB data with sequenced data migrations.

Upgrade and downgrade via coded migrations.

Repeat migrations for service related operations like removing old attributes.

Reset table data to known good state for development tables.

Graphical migration control panel showing current version with applied and outstanding migrations.

Provisioning Planner

The SenseDeep provisioning planner displays displays the actual costs of your current billing plan based on real, historical and live data. It then compares this usage with the the cost of an alternate plan if you were to switch your billing plan from OnDemand to Provisioned or vice-versa.


Display current and projected provisioning, utilization and costs.

Graphically present read and write utilization vs provisioned capacity over time.

Displays actual historical costs vs estimated alternate billing plans.

Smart recommendations for provisioned capacity and billing plan.

DynamoDB Metrics

SenseDeep DynamoDB metrics is a suite of in-depth performance metrics for DynamoDB. It exposes performance metrics at a granular level, down to each application entity or API invocation.


AWS account and table utilization metrics.

Single-table metrics down to the application entity level.

Track usage by tenant, source application or entity.

Drill-down for metrics on table, tenant, source, index, model and operation.

Custom query profiling for individual queries.

Table Manager

The SenseDeep table management provides a quick and easy way to create and manage tables and indexes while developing your DynamoDB applications.


Manage DynamoDB tables over multiple AWS accounts and regions.

Quickly create and delete tables and secondary indexes.

Monitor table size and billing mode.

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