SenseDeep DynamoDB Table Manager


DynamoDB Table Manager

SenseDeep manages the DynamoDB tables for your enabled clouds. These tables can be in multiple AWS accounts or regions. You can create and delete tables and indexes for your tables.

SenseDeep will automatically discover your tables and will dynamically update this list as new tables are created or destroyed. The table list includes the table size, number of items, billing scheme and provisioned capacity.

The SenseDeep table management is not meant to replace appropriate "infrastructure-as-code" deployment of tables to production. Rather, it intends to provide a quick and easy way to create and manage tables and indexes while developing your DynamoDB applications.



Gaining insight into single-table design patterns is the new frontier for DynamoDB and the SenseDeep DynamoDB Studio is the start of a new wave of tools to elevate and transform DynamoDB development.

SenseDeep includes a table manager, data item browser, single-table designer, provisioning planner, database migration manager and in-depth table metrics — all of which are single-table aware.


Try the SenseDeep DynamoDB studio with a free developer license at SenseDeep App.

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